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Benefits management to enable change, Tuesday 27th January 2015

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Posted by APM on 29th Jan 2015

One of the challenges to the success of big projects is that the driving force becomes political and the business case has long been forgotten by the time the project is implemented.  It means that they rarely deliver on the original objectives. The speakers this evening were Hugo Minney and Neil White.

Hugo opened the evening discussion with an overview of Benefits Management and Benefits Realisation Management, where the approaches are required, and how to apply them, with examples from the third largest company in the world.

Neil went on to describe how Benefits Management and Change Management can work together to improve change outcomes. He contends that not only does this synergistic coupling increase the effectiveness of the change process but also reduces the risk of change failure.

Neil suggested that the need for Change Management support only really makes sense when you have a goal to achieve and a ‘context’ in which it must be achieved. Benefits Management does much to satisfy this need.

Neil contended that the introduction of Benefits Management is a transformational change in its own right. Neil went on to expand on this premise and describe that this appreciation,  coupled with a capability maturity development approach, enable an organisation to tailor and implement Benefits Management at their own speed and in a way that results in early organisational gain.

The presentations were well attended, with thanks given to both engaged speakers. Hugo and Neil have kindly shared their presentations and these can be viewed in slideshare by clicking on their names below.

Hugo Minney
Neil White

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