Benefits Realisation Management is one of the most important things that an organisation needs to do... but not at any cost, 28th June, material available

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On Tuesday 28th June in London the Value Management (VM) SIG welcomed Steve Parker who gave a presentation on the critical linkages between value and benefits.

Benefits Realisation Management, thanks in no small way to the APM Benefits Management (BM) SIG, has emerged as one of the most critical activities for an organisation seeking maximum returns on its investment in change.

In this seminar, Steve Parker explained the critical linkages between value and benefits, the startling alignment between VM and BM processes and hence the role of the Value and Benefits Manager, focusing on the essential difference between improving value for money as opposed to just improving value. He explained that if returns are not maximised there is value wasted. How much is wasted is relative to the cost and worth of the investment.

Steve has very kindly allowed his material to be made available for viewing here and also in the APM resources area


Posted on 6th Jul 2016
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