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Posted by APM on 14th Jan 2013

APM HK has launched another event in November on Nov 20, 2012 entitled BIM - a UK perspective at the Central Interchange site office of Leighton (Asia). The speaker Mr. Richard Dorkin, the Architectural Director of Ryder Architecture, was invited to share the targets and practical uses of building information modeling (BIM) in the UK construction industry.

Mr. Richard Dorkin is the Architectural Director of Ryder Architecture and TFPIRyder Healthcare. He came to Hong Kong to assist in a collaborative venture with TFP Farrells (TFP I Ryder) specifically related to Healthcare design business development opportunities in HK, Mainland China and Asia.

In the seminar, Richard will explain with example what BIM can do, its capability and its potential within his industry for adoption at every level. Mr. Richard Dorkin opened the seminar by questioning what is BIM academy?, why was it established? and what are BIM developers doing?.

BIM technologies were demonstrated as applicable and useful throughout project briefing, design, analyse, plan, manage and review. Benefits of adopting BIM were elaborated as including improving design reliability, reducing design risk, etc. Case studies of BIM application in the Manchester Central Library project was introduced to evidence the benefits reaped through the use of BIM technologies. The low change orders is one typical advantage in the use of BIM.

Other uses of BIM technology in city modelling and asset management were also briefly reviewed in the seminar. Finally, BIM technology from 3D to 6D modelling was visualized.

The seminar gave a clear picture of what BIM technologies could achieve and benefit the construction industry. Learning the lessons from the use of BIM in UK, the Hong Kong construction industry is visualized to benefit from the extensive application of BIM technologies in the near future.

Ryder Architectures adoption and support of BIM is a result of their continued belief in collaborative working being at the heart of excellent architecture.

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