Brain Science Masterclass write-up, 27th April 2016

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Posted by APM on 8th Jun 2016

On the 27th April, PMO SIG hosted an intimate event with Carole Osterweil following lots of interest at the Socialising the PMO conference in October 2015.

We asked Carole to give us her view on the event and any themes that came up during the afternoon.

“I was delighted at the invitation to run this event as a follow up to my session at the Autumn PMO conference.  What a mixed group - from novices (in brain science and PM) to programme directors and people contemplating post grad psychology degrees!

Having established brain essentials, I appreciated the opportunity to test out two sets of new material.  The first on a theme close to the heart of many PMO’s - Why is it so difficult to change behaviours?

If you’re looking for answers to this question check out the video I showed, The Backwards Brain Bicycle.  This gives a real feel for what it takes to unlearn established patterns of behaviour and acquire new ones.  

When we combine this sense of ‘neural rewiring’ in action with the knowledge that humans can only learn effectively when their ‘Thinking’ brain is on-line, there are huge ramifications for project delivery. Focussing on the people and organisation dynamics becomes a no– brainer!

Translating this statement into something practitioners can use is trickier. So it was great to get feedback on the work I’ve been doing in collaboration with the Enabling Change SIG to develop a tool that supports creation of a project environment conducive to changing behaviours.

I want to thank everyone who attended the Masterclass and those who have been in touch since. Your thoughts have helped shape the tool and its presentation. We’re launching it officially at the Enabling Change SIG AGM in London on June 9. Do join us if you can.”

Carole Osterweil 

Carole Osterweil is a trouble-shooter, consultant and coach working with directors and project delivery teams who want better outcomes, higher productivity and less stress.

Carole has led complex change and transformation programmes in the NHS and other sectors. She equipped hundreds of others to do the same at Ashridge, one Europe’s leading business schools, before setting up OMQ.

She’s a technologist, trained in neuroscience and psychotherapy! She also has an MBA, and has been an accredited Executive Coach for almost 15 years.

Carole joined the APM on a mission - to make the invisible social dynamics that impact and undermine project delivery more visible. Over the last 9 months she’s been developing a tool that does just this.

Emma-Ruth Arnaz-Pemberton

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