Call for case studies: practical guidance for implementation of Integrated Assurance

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Last year, the Assurance SIG published its ‘Guide to Integrated Assurance’. 

This was the first guidance available to organisations that want to implement – or improve – their approach to integrating their assurance activities.

The guide has been very well received but we have been asked on more than one occasion since publication "how to best implement an integrated assurance approach?". The challenge this poses is how to give useful advice when the precise approach taken, and final assurance ‘picture’, will differ significantly from one organisation to another, depending on their particular assurance needs and their organisation’s starting point.

We think that the best approach would be to present some case studies, illustrating organisations where introduction of an integrated approach has been– at least partially – successful.

Can your organisation help?

If yours is such an organisation, we would love to hear from you. We are not necessarily looking for examples where the guide has been implemented in its entirety; cases that just cover particular elements would be fine. Indeed, we want to build a bank of case studies which can be called upon depending on the scenario in question.

Our intention is to firstly publish an article in Project magazine using these case studies to bring the topic to life. For this, we are looking for between 5 and 10 case studies, overall covering all aspects of the guide. We are interested in all types and sizes of projects and project organisations.

Following the article, we intend to hold a one-day conference in 2016, which will be structured around the case studies used in the article. This will effectively be a follow up to the highly successful ‘Integrated Assurance – achieving efficient assurance over major projects’ conference that we held in 2009, emphasising the progress made since then.

Please contact me if you think you might be able to help.

Roy Millard
Chair, APM Assurance SIG

Posted on 28th Sep 2015
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