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Changing how we change. A new prescription for improving business performance at GlaxoSmithKline Webinar

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Just over 300 people participated in the webinar, ‘Changing how we change. A new prescription for improving business performance at GlaxoSmithKline’ which was a repeat, by popular demand, of a previous East of England branch, and Enabling Change SIG meeting held at GSK in June 2014.  (By the way, a report of that meeting is also available in the December 2014 issue of Project.)

The speakers, Jacqui Alexander and Margaret Huggins, initiated a poll early on in the webinar to explore what methodologies participants are currently applying in their practice.  53% (of the 89% who responded) use Project Management only, 15% use Lean with Project Management, 20% use Organisational Development with Project Management, and 12% use all three.

We had some opportunity to discuss a selection of the delegates’ questions covering such topics as what impact GSK’s change programme had had; how leaders are defined and identified for change projects; how GSK generated the momentum for change and from bottom-up as well as a top-down and how they addressed consistency versus a tailored approach for an international organisation and culture.

Answers to these as well as other questions will be found on the recording of the webinar which can be viewed below including the presentation.

Finally, delegates were asked for their take-away messages.  These included:

  • You need leadership to make the approach work
  • Empowerment facilitates change
  • It’s all about people
  • Start where the energy is
  • Incorporate early learning
  • Keep it simple and make it an enjoyable journey

The Enabling Change SIG aims to share Change Management methodologies through events such as these, and through our microsite on the APM website.  Do let Elisabeth Goodman (Capabilities and Methods Pillar lead on the SIG) know if you have other Change Management methodologies that you would like to hear about and/or share through one of these routes.



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