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For the first Resilience theme event in the People SIG calendar we were joined by Nick Fewings of The Colour Works for an evening of colourful entertainment and some useful insights into ourselves and colleagues.

Nick is a great presenter with some fascinating material to help us understand our own behaviour better and how we can strengthen our resilience.

Attendees used Nicks colour cards to find our preferred colour energies. Not surprisingly for a room of project managers about half of us were Cool Blue (logical, analytical), with about a fifth Sunshine Yellow (sociable, persuasive), and another fifth were Fiery Red (competitive, determined). Out of 35 people we had just two Earth Greens (caring and relaxed). Having explored the strengths of each colour energies it was time for us to face up to what we are like on a bad day!

We finished the session by gathering some quotes on how we could use our favourite strength to support our resilience; a particular favourite from a Sunshine Yellow: when I am sociable it makes me happy and when I am happy my resilience is high.

The slides are available to download below.

Posted on 2nd May 2012
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