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Posted by APM on 1st Apr 2016

“Disrupt or be disrupted” was the key theme of Steve Beaumont’s presentation to members of the Midlands Branch at the Holiday Inn Hotel in Nottingham on 18th February. As a consultant with over 30 years of experience, Steve gave an informative talk on the constant necessity to adapt to changing business environments and how today’s leaders can make their organisations fit for the 21st century competition.

Using examples of companies such as Airbnb, Uber and Netflix, Steve explained how shifts in markets have led to erosion of well-established organisations. Organisations focusing on wrong priorities are more susceptible to modern disruptors; according to the Project Management Institute, only 9% of organisations are good at implementing strategy. What’s more, on average more than 50% of projects are not aligned to their organisation’s strategy.

In his presentation, Steve talked about the top pain points and errors in organisational planning. Steve explained how ineffective prioritisation, lack of decision criteria and insufficient understanding of organisation’s running tasks can distance companies from their strategy, reducing their chances for success in today’s highly competitive environments.

Steve then spoke about steps businesses can take to avoid the common pitfalls, providing examples of analytical tools and methodologies, explaining how organisations can better spot threats, understand if they are focusing on the right priorities and easier detect inefficiencies such as duplication or lack of adherence to strategy.

Through implementation of these tools organisations can become more flexible, change faster and build an environment that makes them more responsive to the real needs of their customers. The companies can then invest in the right projects and provide them with the right resources making them the vehicles for driving progress.

Towards the end of his talk, Steve presented a case study explaining how an organisation he worked with realised the significance of upcoming threats and challenges. Following a shift in the way of working, the organisation changed its approach and adapted itself to the modern business environments.

Steve then spent a good deal of time answering questions from the audience. Members praised Steve’s talk for its practical focus and thanked Steve for his simple language and abundance of real-life examples making it easier to understand the topic.

Steve’s presentation can be seen below and on the APM Resources page.

Jacob Achenbach
APM Midlands Branch

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