Corporate Members Leadership Group meets at APM

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The Corporate Members Leadership Group (CMLG) had their quarterly meeting at APM on the 14 July.

There was a focus on recent research publications Conditions for Project Success and the APM Salary and Market Trends Survey as well as other initiatives since the introduction of the research function earlier this year. 

Current research projects that are taking place through the volunteer research fund were discussed and members of the CMLG were invited to engage and participate on these going forward. 

The CMLG consists of over 30 of the largest APM corporate members from various sectors who share experiences, network, discuss the latest in project management and inform APM where they would like to see future focus and developments.

The group represents organisations who meet quarterly to discuss project outcomes and work with APM to improve measures for project and programmes, influence others and share resources. 

Posted on 20th Aug 2015
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