Crossrail 2 could open four years ahead of schedule

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London Mayor Boris Johnson
Image: Financial Times, Flickr

The multi-billion pound Crossrail 2 could be set to open in 2029 four years earlier than initially planned, according to an announcement by London Mayor Boris Johnson.

Following the success of last years first public consultation, which received over 14,000 responses of crucial support and constructive feedback, a second consultation has been launched in the hope that the route can at last be finalised. 

Based on these results a selection of amendments have been put forward, including a change in the location of a Chelsea rail station, alternative routes travelling through Hackney and the possibility of extending the northern branch from Alexandra Palace to New Southgate.

These results also identified various option changes that have the potential to provide passengers with further benefits and address the frequent requests of value for money, as well as creating numerous opportunities that would assist local growth and boost the provision of both better housing and jobs.

The Mayor told the London Evening Standard that the Surrey to Hertfordshire route should create a new high frequency, high capacity rail line with shorter journey times, which would directly address the capacity congestion currently experienced throughout the south west.

If London and its economy are to keep moving then its essential that we crack on and get Crossrail 2 delivered. Its a vital project not just for the capital, but also for the regions from which hordes of commuters struggle into work on packed carriages each day.

Take part in this consultation before the 25 July.

Posted on 20th Jun 2014
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