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We recently attended “Sprint 3” of the development of the APM ‘Agile Governance’ guide in London. As the session title suggests this is a meeting early on in an agile cycle itself, in creating an APM guide aimed at helping organisations start to exhibit agile behaviours especially in IT and high-tech change initiatives.

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The three talks at the Sprint 3 meeting:

  • The approach to developing the ‘Agile Governance’ guide for publication in 2015:

    Brian Wernham introduced the meeting with a had organised two great guest speakers at the Sprint 3 meeting, each providing a different perspective on organisation models and behaviour. 
  • The detail from the bottom up:

    Brian Tucker of Ivar Jacobson outlined a scalable agile model that practitioners could use to ensure success; the Scalable Agile Framework (SAFe) combines a few proven models that could prove useful for large organisations.
  • The strategy and behaviours from the top down:

    Sharon Constanon, CEO of Genius Method provided a look-in on a range of typical board room behaviours.  Interestingly, she correlated desired behaviours to 'Animals of Africa' which brought to life how boards can be truly effective. Sharon shared a range of behaviours she witnesses in her governance and coaching work. Effective project governance comes from 'the top', and Sharon gave a great insight into how board behaviours, and your interface with directors, can directly affect the success of key projects."

A lot of the themes discussed during the session highlighted a few key items to consider for agile adoption. 

Read the blog - What is Agile Governance?

It is still early days in trying to map out how we can all manage agile projects more efficiently and effectively, but the basics of agile governance are becoming clearer with each APM session – onto the next one!

To get involved in these monthly meetings please register your interest here.

Posted on 5th Aug 2014
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