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Please find below several documents created by the Enabling Change SIG.

1. Headings for representing the change capabilities/methods - version 3 - January 2015
The document is a work in progress to provide a guide to the headings that might be used to represent the different capabilities/methods for managing change.

2. Library of Professional Knowledge / Reference Sources - version 3 - June 2017
This is a work in progress to provide a guide to professional knowledge / reference sources in the area of change management.

3. Change Management Press and Publications Reference Library - May 2015
Please note that this list is indicative and does not claim to be comprehensive. Nor does inclusion in this list reflect endorsement by APM of the publisher or its content. We encourage readers to make their own assessment of quality and to notify us of any further suggestions for inclusion, preferably with supporting suggestions for all the associated categorisations to describe the addition(s).

4. Common vocabulary - version 1 - July 2014
The SIG has developed a common vocabulary for change related terms to help everyone share the same definitions. This list will be updated from time to time as required as change practices evolve.

5. Enabling Change case studies - version 1 - March 2015
This is a collection of case studies on managing change collected from members of the APM, the Enabling Change SIG and others who have chosen to share their stories.

6. Change Management Professional Horizons - November 2015
We have developed this document to capture the existing routes and potential learning gaps into the Change Management profession. An ideal opportunity to review you, and your teams career path, how to start on your change management journey, or improve your knowledge, capability and mind-set in delivering successful change - this document starts the discussion on the what capabilities are needed for Change Managers in the context of APM.

7. Change Methodologies - version 3 - March 2017   *new version*
The SIG has collected a summary of the various Change Management Methodologies in use across our industry. The newly developed library includes explanation of the content, origins, uses and the unique elements of each.

Posted on 30th Oct 2014
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