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Ever met an international woman of mystery?

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Presented by Sharon Clish of Grahame Robb Associates, we explored a number of tools for resolving violated expectations, broken commitments and the bad behaviours that we can all experience or, dare I say it, be the perpetrator of, both in and outside of work.

By using small breakout groups, open discussions and some slightly over-acted video clips, Sharon guided us through how to identify when accountability conversations are needed and why it is important not to shy away from them. With tips on how to create the right mind-set for ourselves, allowing us to feel in control and to resist the more typical behaviours of silence or violence (e.g. walking out of the room), Sharon explained that all conversations should start with the facts. This creates a safe environment for others to join in the dialogue and allows you to describe the behaviours you expected from someone against those you have actually observed. By focusing on common ground and finding a mutual purpose, you can create a conversation that makes it more difficult for someone to attack back and by using phrases such as It leads me to conclude that and Im starting to think that you can get the other person to reflect on their actions more easily.

We explored the idea of working on ourselves to remove any baggage (perceptions, previous conversations and so on) and considering how much we were part of the problem before starting a crucial accountability conversation. Sharon examined the power of the apology and how an open admission that we could have behaved differently ourselves can break down defences and allow a conversation to get onto a positive footing.

The whole evening was packed with ideas and examples that we could take away and use in real situations, making it a valuable skills builder for life.

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