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Thames Valley branch Chair, David Coombes, opened the event and welcomed everyone. The aim of the evening’s event was to introduce the attendees to Organisational Project Management (OPM), known as a new sphere of management. The talk introduced OPM concepts and methods that together offer new ways to build organisations that truly create project success.

Trevor’s presentation covered a topic that some believe will guide an evolution in project management. The new way of working! Trevor covered how we are in a period of growing disillusionment with organisational life. This is reflected in the alarming scale of project failure in businesses, which Trevor discussed.  Trevor explained through examples that, in our age of pioneering technology, science and agile practices, project managers have an exciting part to play in bringing new life to our organisations.  

If we did not believe that OPM could make a difference the facts Trevor presented included that under performing projects are estimated to drain $3 trillion from the global economy every year. 

The 2008 economic crisis fundamentally shifted customer attitudes, while the widespread disengagement of working people is giving rise to new forms of organisation.

It is unsurprising that senior managers are looking to the project management profession for solutions that answer the question “how do we build organisations that create project success in the future economy?”

The attendees learn that the roots of project success and failure lie beyond project management and projects themselves. Matching the growing complexity of market needs with increasing complexity in our P3M methods is not the answer. Nor is a relentless focus on training project people. It is time for fresh perspectives and new thinking.

Trevor revealed how OPM is creating exciting opportunities for project managers to succeed. Drawing on recent research and experience, the case is put for a broader 'living systems' approach to developing P3M capability. This concept is supported by a practical OPM framework that has been inspired by the latest brain science. A new way of managing. 

If you would like to know more, then please follow link to Trevors website?

The evening finished with a Q&A session.  David Coombes summed up the presentation and thanked the presenter for his excellent presentation.

Thames Valley Branch was very pleased to host Trevor and the latest thinking around OPM.   See Trevor's presentation below:



Posted on 22nd Apr 2015
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