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Four key messages from the APM Conference 2015

The APM Project Management Conference 2015 sponsored by 20|20 Business Insight was an incredibly successful, record-breaking event.

Individuals travelled from across the UK to Kings Place in London to spend a day at the sold-out event to explore and discuss the theme of Myth Busting with our profession’s leading speakers. 

The award-winning conference got delegates thinking about dispelling three key myths: people myths, delivery myths and big projects myths. This led to them to describe the event as ‘innovative’, ‘inspiring’, ‘professional’ and ‘thought-provoking’.

There were many lessons learned and ideas explored but below we have four key messages from the conference:

  • Work with your teams strength to compliment your differences

“I’ve got to work with people who are unlike me… there is no point having duplicates of me and therefore I can talk about diversity in a different way… which is all about complimentary differences”  Dr David Pendleton, Edgecumbe Group

  • Draw on and learn from past experiences

“Step back. Take a look at what we do and truly learn from what has worked in the past” Adrian Dooley, Praxis Framework

  • Innovation is key

“What innovation will bring is benefit to the project, cost efficiencies, new ideas, reputational benefits, behavioural change, collaboration- at the end of the day you have to ask the question, why wouldn’t you innovate?” John Pelton MBE, CH2M Hill/Crossrail

  • Invest in people

“People deliver projects- Process delivers consistency, it gives us great structures and it’s a great way to train and develop our staff – but process needs to be scalable, needs to be appropriate and needs to evolve with best practice” Jason Dalrymple, NATS

Watch speaker interviews and access a selection of presentations to discover how the profession’s thought-leaders dispelled myths to increase the likelihood of you successfully delivering your projects, programmes and portfolios.


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