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Gamification 'increases likelihood of success' [Video]

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Posted by APM on 20th Sep 2013

The modern management technique of gamification increases the likelihood of a “project being a success,” says an industry expert.

Ernst & Young’s Alexa Briggs led a study in 2011 on gamification in project management. The research reviewed cross industry knowledge to discover how gamification can be used on projects to motivate teams.

Speaking at the APM Project Management Conference this summer Alexa believes the novel leadership method, which uses game mechanics in everyday tasks in order to engage staff and solve problems, can improve project delivery.

“Adding games to your project and using them to motivate your team is something you can add to your project management toolkit”, said Alexa.

“It’s another technique to use to bring your team together, to get them really focused on particular aspects of your project in a really fun way, which increases the likelihood of it being a success and increases the likelihood of your project being delivered.”

Alexa partnered Guy Giffin, director at Prendo Simulations Ltd, in running the first ever fully interactive workshop at APM’s annual conference. The workshop used a simulation to explore gamification’s core strategy of encouraging behaviour in people to complete tasks and then provide rewards for “players” who performed the best.

“The profession as a whole can use games and simulations, particularly for the more advanced, senior project management skills,” said Guy.

“It’s harder to come up with a recipe for success in the more advanced areas, however simulations give people a chance to try out approaches, test their theories and actually learn from a situation  where cause and effect can be shown to them and there is no risk if they get it wrong.”

Watch more interviews with the speakers from the APM Project Management Conference 2013.


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