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Posted by APM on 12th Nov 2015

The Midlands branch teamed up with the University of Worcester with an highly enjoyable and engaging evening all about getting to know your onions, well teamwork really.

The Worcester Business School (WBS), University of Worcester were delighted to host the APM Midlands branch event at their WBS City Campus on 8th October 2015.  The presenter, Elerie Evans from the APM People SIG provided some of the reasons behind project failure (or success) and, explored current practices and approaches to maintain the alignment of teams and team performance throughout the project life cycle.

With over 45% of the delegates attending from the student population and the remainder APM members and WBS staff, the event proved to be an interactive and enjoyable evening that extended engagement between project managment practice field and academia.The event also help to develop and support collaboration between APM and WBS academic staff and further extended networking between project professionals and students who were able to share their experiences and project management development in practice and research thereby developing strategies for the future,

Tim Maxfield, WBS Business Development Director said "That this was a very successful event and great for our students and the APM" with Doctor Vessela Warren, Lecture in Operations and Project Management commenting on how the WBS students had a growing interest in project management in particular, offering transferable skills.

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