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Getting it right when securing employment in tough economic times

APM London Branch invited Aaron George (group director) and his colleague, Mariken ODonnell (director of project management) of Amida Recruitment to a presentation evening on Tuesday 26th October 2010. The well attended evening was very informative, constructive and full of extremely useful advice and direction.

The evening itself was broken down into two sessions; an initial presentation given by Aaron and Mariken followed by small discussion groups who debated what they thought would be essential criteria for a good CV and, good techniques in searching for employment and selling skill factors to prospective agencies and employers.

John Chrastek, chairman of APM London Branch said An extremely well attended evening with some very useful ideas on how individuals can focus and enhance their job search. The presentation was well received by all the delegates attending and certainly a topic of the moment in the current economic climate.

If you would like to see the presentation on securing employment in tough economic times  please click on the link below.


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