Growth Accelerator Leadership & Management Grants

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As part of the Growth Accelerator service, Participating companies are automatically entitled to a Government Matched-funding grant worth £2,000 per manager towards training related to Leadership or Management.
This “Leadership & Management” grant is available to businesses with an annual turnover of up to £40m p.a. with up to 250 Full-Time employees.
For information on this service, please refer to the “Leadership Management” attachment above.
The department for Business, Innovation & Skills (BIS) are also currently asking us to run a pilot scheme to test how well small businesses respond to coaching vs. training. As a result businesses turning over between £250,000 p.a. and £2,000,000 p.a. can access the aforementioned grants at no cost. The ‘catch’ in this pilot is that, if the company is selected (at random) to receive coaching as well, they must pay £700 VAT (which is reclaimable in the usual manner) and must have that coaching. This pilot scheme has a limit of just 600 places, which are filling up quickly. Businesses in this size bracket looking for training in the new year can sign up to this scheme now, with a view to securing the funding for training in the new year.
For information on this pilot, please refer to the “Growth Impact Pilot” attachment above.
For information on the service as a whole, please refer to the “About GrowthAccelerator” attachment above.
The final attachment is a case study relating to a client who used this grant for training, which may of interest to your potential clients (Case Study attachment, above.)
Sam Landsberg is the contact at the Growth Accelerator; please contact him directly for more information or to refer potential clients for the grant. 
He can be contacted directly via or via his direct dial, 0207 728 3223. 

Posted on 6th Jan 2015
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