How good is your knowledge management?

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Posted by APM on 6th Jun 2014

How does your organisation manage knowledge within and between projects? What would help your organisation become better at managing knowledge?

Since modern knowledge management (KM) first appeared in the 1990s, it has developed in stages. Early KM focused on disseminating best practice and capturing information in lessons learned databases. From about 2000, mainstream KM shifted to sharing knowledge in networks and communities of practice. In the last five years, KM has continued to develop in various directions including ideas management, collective sense making, crowdsourcing, and analysing data using knowledge algorithms to work out what organisations know. KM today can mean anything from a document management system to crowdsourcing.

If your organisation carries out projects and has 100 or more employees, we would like you to participate in the benchmarking exercise.

What your organisation will get from taking part:

Benchmarking information showing how your KM approach and practices compare with those of other participating organisations.
Recommendations for actions that could improve your KM and practices.

What we will ask your organisation to do in return:

Identify a sponsor for the project to give us information about your organisation and identify people to complete our survey.
Complete an online survey about your KM approach and practices.
Give us feedback on our analysis and recommendations.

For more information, including how to get involved, please download this document.

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