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How innovative contractor engagement (ICE) achieved a 45% improvement on the benefit to cost ratio. What can you learn from this? C&P SIG Annual General Meeting

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After a very brief AGM, Jon Broome, chairman of the Contracts and Procurement SIG introduced the APM Project Professional of the year 2013, Simon Addyman who gave an indepth presentation on How innovative contractor engagement (ICE) achieved a 45% improvement on the benefit to cost ratio.

The following volunteers were elected by the delegates to represent the APM Contracts and Procurement SIG for the forthcoming year:

Jon Broome, Andrew Thorp, John Lake, Anne Holden, Alastair Greenan, Gerald Orman and Steve Emmerton.

Bank station is the 4th busiest station on the LUL network, with journey numbers increasing recently by 40%. At peak time, it operates beyond full capacity often being closed to new passengers while current ones exit … … something had to be done. But with a live asset stretched to the limit, methodology was key.

Enter Innovative Contractor Engagement where the selection process focuses on client defined value rather than lowest cost and encouraged innovation through pre-tender collaboration within the whole supply chain.

During the presentation Simon explained to delegates

  • How the client defined what value meant to them.
  • How - through developing the traditional time, cost and quality triangle to take account of requirements, benefits/dis-benefits, and risk/opportunities - bidders were able to develop their bids to maximise client value and the client was able to transparently evaluate them.
  • How the client protected individual bidders Intellectual Property (IP) enabling them and their supply chains to engage fully with the client in developing their innovative ideas.
  • How the client and listing bidders still benefited from their ideas.

Simons presentation can be viewed below. 


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