Innovative delivery at Standard Life

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The APM Scotland branch decided that it was time to do something different – and when it comes to project management it couldn’t have been more different than Robert McGill and Jan Roxburgh of Standard Life in Edinburgh speaking about “Team K”.

Imagine a project team that delivers 5-10 times faster than you expect using 10% of the resource. That’s Team K. A project team driven by light governance, expertise, and an iterative approach to development. They pride themselves on investing in people, getting by on the minimum, testing with real clients rather than guessing, and always knowing why.

It’s always a good sign when you have to stop the Q&A session after 30 minutes - and then the speakers have to stay after the event to answer another 30 minutes of questions. The event was billed as “innovative delivery” and that is exactly what it was!


Posted on 7th Apr 2014
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