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Posted by APM on 28th Mar 2013

Professor Mladen Radujkovi, teacher at University of Zagreb, Faculty of Civil Engineering, recently spoke to IPMA Young Crews Sandra Mii.

Professor Mladen RadujkoviProfessor Radujkovi was elected president of International Project Management Association (IPMA) in September 2012. As an experienced professional he embodies responsibilities of teaching and training students while managing to lead the global association in his daily job.

As a president of IPMA what challenges do you face in your work?

In a daily job I face organisational and development challenges. The biggest challenge is connected with development of IPMA in regions where IPMA is not present. Other challenges are connected with the evolution of new products that we can offer to markets where we get involved in a complex way of certificating individuals and organisations.

How do you manage to be a professor and lead one of the biggest associations for project management in the world?

Well, these two positions have some similarities although it doesn't look like that at first glance. Both positions are connected to organisational and leading skills and that (those two skills) is what I teach my students. With students I have responsibility as their teacher and trainer, and with IPMA I have responsibility as its president. You see, same word is used: responsibility. Young people must progress in their way of thinking, and organisations have to progress too. One job is teaching and the other one is training, but both have its responsibilities. With 20 years of experience I can lead and manage both of them.

Where do you see Young Crew in the next two years?

On global level as well as on the local level, Young Crew has its sinusoid of developing. It goes a little bit up and down. For Young Crew it would be good if they could create a stable path that will go upward. Furthermore, Young Crew should stand out and show their ideas and energy. It is the way to show how dynamic they are. That will certainly influence project management as profession. Also, they should take responsibility and go out from the shadow.

On which things do you think Young Crew should work on in next year?

Young Crew should be more active and dynamic according to multiculturalism of todays changes. In dealing with responsibilities they should strive and prepare for high positions in IPMA.

What would be your message to the young people?

Find your own star and follow her with persistence and hard work. If you do that you will undoubtedly succeed.

Written by Sandra Mii (Croatia), board member Young Crew Croatia, responsible for PR & marketing.

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