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Introductory workshop on project risk management

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Posted by APM on 23rd May 2011

The APM Risk SIG successfully hosts between 3 and 4 events a year, bringing together project risk management professionals to discuss and share both theoretical and practical knowledge within the wider project management community.

Feedback taken from recent events has highlighted the need to facilitate an event that looks at the fundamentals of risk management which would be more suited toproject risk management professionalswith an introductory to intermediate background.

Resulting from this feedback the APM Risk SIG Committee will be hosting an event on the 26th January 2012 in Cardiff entitledIntroducing Risk Management with the focus on attractingthis group of professionals.

The proposed guise of the event is for a succession of interactive workshops that will introduce, outline, explain, clarify and guide the delegates through the fundamentals of project risk management. Each delegate will attend every workshop that is being run at the event to ensuring consistency in numbers and information.

Usually the APM Risk Committee organise and arrange for relevant subject matter experts in the appropriate event discipline to present or facilitate workshops at these events,however the APM Risk SIG Committee is aware that many of the SIG members are risk management trainers or subject matter experts in their own field.For the Cardiff event in January 2012 we would like to provide the APM Risk SIG membersan opportunity to volunteer to facilitate a workshop in any risk management related subject that they feel would benefit introductory to intermediate level delegates.

Workshop subject ideas:
- Introduction to risk analysis
- Risk and opportunity identification techniques
- Risk reporting
- Following the APM risk process/model
- Evaluating the quality of your risk descriptions
- Risk estimation/quantification
- What are the differences between uncertainty, risk and issues
- Establishing the differences between cause/risk/effect

If you are interested in facilitating a risk management workshop, please contact either Tim Warren or Edwina Hayward, stating your desired workshop topic. The APM will cover all travel and subsistence incurred for workshop facilitators but will be unable to offer payment for time and/or consultation.

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