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Record numbers of project professionals are turning to APM’s social media groups to discover new content, share ideas and network with like-minded peers.

The latest figures from APM’s LinkedIn group community reveal a month-on-month increase, with a record 1,000 new members joining last month alone.

This latest intake brings the total number of APM LinkedIn members to 45,225.

The growing influence of social media can be seen in other areas too. APM’s Twitter community has grown exponentially since it began 5 years ago, with 12,300 followers, the @APMProjectMgmt Twitter account shares up to the minute news and announcements.

The association’s Facebook page now has more than 3,000 likes, sharing the lighter side of project management with humour, engaging opinion and popular discussions.

Whilst over on APM's YouTube channel there are over 140 inspiring videos with award winning projects and professionals,  influential speakers, webinars and much more.

Visit the APM LinkedIn group page to see the latest discussions.

Posted on 25th Nov 2015
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