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Leadership and Sponsorship - What, Why, When and How? The presentations slides, Thursday 12th February

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Leadership and Sponsorship - What, Why, When and How? event was organised and held in conjunction with HMRC and the People SIG.

Presented by David Richardson and Peter Johnson, keen delegates arrived for the Leadership and Sponsorship event. They gathered at Westminster Central Hall on Thursday 12th February afternoon. Having been fully booked for weeks, the attendees enjoyed an interactive two hours. The event was well received and no spare seat was left.

Leadership by David Richardson
We know from the APM Body of Knowledge – and many management texts – that, “Leadership is the ability to establish vision and direction, to influence and align others towards a common purpose, and to empower and inspire people to achieve success.” We all think we know who are good leaders and we know who the bad ones are, but how do we accommodate different styles; how do we use leadership to minimise the chances of failure and maximise the probability of success?

In this interactive session he looked at what a project leader may look like. Is there one mould or many? Reference was made to Emotional Intelligence (EI), Personal Resilience (PR) and  if you could create a list of leadership factors and values (or leadership qualities).

Sponsorship by Peter Johnson
It’s self-evident that project success is defined more than in its management. If the ultimate accountability for success lies with the sponsor then having the right sponsor with the appropriate skills and competencies must be vital.

In the interactive session he looked at the sources of advice from the APM and from ‘outside’. He explored the success factors and ‘common causes project’ are positive and negative images of the same picture.

He explored the extent to which one can train sponsors (and project managers); relate any issues to P3M ‘maturity’; assess whether ‘methods’ are helpful; link to P3M governance principles; Leadership and examine the role and how it could and should be filled.

David Richardson and Peter Johnson were kind enough to share their presentations.


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