Making social media work for you - 7th July 2015, presentation slides

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Posted by APM on 10th Jul 2015

The Programme Management Specific Interest Group
Social media and Project Management

On the evening of 7 July 2015, John Chapman, a member of the Programme Management Specific Interest Group gave a presentation to the APM East of England branch. There were about 20 people who attended the event, which was held at The Forum in Norwich.

The subject was ‘Social media and Project Management’. The basis of the presentation was to understand what Social Media is, where it is applicable to use in a Project environment and the skills needed by a Project Professional.

John divided the presentation into four key areas:

  1. What are social media: giving a definition of social media and discussing some of the implications on business.
  2. The Conversation Prism: this diagram prepared by Brian Soliss and JESS3 gives ‘most comprehensive visual studies of how we use networks and how that changes over time
  3. How to map the APM Body of Knowledge to The Conversation Prism: with an explanation of the relationship between Social Media, the specific areas of the APM Body of Knowledge where Social Media can be of use and the skills required to embrace this technology.
  4. Why visual content is important and the use of LinkedIn: discussing the use of visual media, messaging and how video content can provide a much richer level of detail than just text alone.

Following this there was an interactive session where the attendees were divided into groups of five / six people. Each group was tasked with scripting, recording and reviewing a video briefing of up to one minute in length. The subject of the video could be a personal introduction, a project status report, lessons learned from a recent project and so forth.

This was a challenging task as most of the attendees had not tried to speak to camera before. Their feedback included:

  • One minute can be a long time to talk  
  • It is not as scary as I thought it would be
  • Need more practice
  • There is a place for this in my project work
  • I have the technology in my pocket and can do this myself

This was an excellent evening, enjoyed by all and I’d recommend it to other groups!

Lynn Newman
East of England branch


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