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Matthew Syed - "talent doesn't provide a shortcut" [video]

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Posted by APM on 16th Apr 2015


Columnist and feature writer for The Times and table tennis champion Matthew Syed explained the outcomes and differences of talent vs. hard work and performance in his closing presentation at the APM Project Management Conference 2015 sponsored by 20|20 Business Insight.

Matthew explained that we “overestimate the significance of talent”. He believes that talent is a phenomenon and does not provide a shortcut for success unless “we have resilience, grit and what is sometimes called a growth mind-set”

Matthew concluded that he hoped leaders “have the desire and the motivation to equip their teams with this idea of growth…that they won’t achieve their projects or their objectives through talent alone. That it requires the willingness to engage and in particular adapt to create objectives to see where the difficulties lie and then be prepared to make changes in order to fulfil the objectives that they’ve set for themselves”

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