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New SIG guide launched

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Posted by APM on 14th May 2014

A Guide to Integrated Assurance follows other well-known SIG guide examples, including the hugely influential Directing Change: A Guide to Governance of Project Management.

Written by an Assurance SIG working group, this latest guide looks at the challenge of providing cost effective assurance across project organisations.

“Projects are increasingly subject to types of assurance activities. These have cost implications and may even jeopardise the success of the project itself,” said Roy Millard, chair of APM’s Assurance SIG. “To minimise impact and risk, an integrated approach should be taken. This guide provides advice on how to do this.”

The guide identifies important roles and responsibilities as well as tools and templates to help overcome “silo-oriented approaches” to assurance that do not naturally result in integration.

The target audience is wide-ranging and includes project managers, sponsors (in particular, those responsible for designing and carrying out assurance activities) and stakeholders with an interest in the successful delivery of the projects, programmes or portfolios.

“It will help readers develop a framework for assurance that efficiently and effectively supports rather than jeopardises projects in achieving their intended outcomes,” said Roy, when asked for the single most compelling reason to buy the guide.

A Guide to Integrated Assurance is priced at £10 (£9 to APM members) and is available to buy from Turpin today.


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