Notice of Risk SIG committee elections 2018/19

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Posted by Maya Creasey on 20th Apr 2018

The committee member nomination and vote for the Risk SIG will take place online this year.

Any APM individual member wishing to nominate themselves for the committee should submit the details in writing by no later than 23:59hours on Wednesday 4 July 2018.

Please note the eligibility requirements below for membership of the Risk SIG committee.
If you are in doubt or have any questions, please email





Associate, Full or Fellow member with at least one years APM membership and membership of the SIG committee


Associate, Full or Fellow member with at least one years APM membership and membership of the SIG committee


Student, Associate, Full or Fellow member only


The below references are a reflection on the past year 2017/18, and also the SIG intentions going forward.

Read the Risk SIG's annual report for 2017/18

The eligible nominees supporting statements will be published on the SIG microsite page on Thursday 5 July.
APM individual members will then have one week in which to cast their vote to elect the Risk SIG committee members for 2018/19.
The officer posts of Chair and Secretary will be elected at the first committee meeting following the close of the online committee election.


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