Organisational resilience - when rules find their limits - 19th January 2016

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Posted by APM on 25th Jan 2016

On 19th January the Norwich APM group were educated and informed about the challenge many managers face in their pursuit of resilience and how to manage the uncertainties this can bring.

If we can understand the differences between uncertainty and complexity, the fact uncertainty can be a positive and not an automatic trigger for a crisis then points of failure can be identified early and resolutions found. Problems often occur when points of failure interact with each other, and the nature of the ‘coupling’ between these elements is of central importance. Loose coupling provides ‘breathing space’ to contain failures and they can often be addressed individually, thereby preventing them from gradually destabilizing the whole.

Dr Elmar Kutsch is a Senior Lecturer in Risk Management at Cranfield School of Management. A passionate skydiver and former project manager, his interests, both private and professional, revolve around the management of volatility, uncertainty, complexity and ambiguity – or in other words, dealing with the unexpected!

Elmar took us through a number of ways resilience can be built up with in organisations so that issues can be predicted more accurately and dealt with more effectively. Practical and with his own brand of humour, he explained the need for resilience, the different modes that can be employed to build resilience and how to handle the challenges that you face along the way!

Lynn Newman
East of England Treasurer

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