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People SIG update June 2016

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Posted by APM on 14th Jun 2016

With our SIG AGM coming up on 16th June in Henley-on-Thames it is an appropriate time to bring you up to date on what has been going on in the background and what is planned for the future.

In this latest update from the People SIG we will look at the:

  • Addition of the Stakeholder Engagement Focus Group into the People SIG family
  • AGM and Stakeholder Engagement event in Henley-on-Thames on Thursday 16th June
  • Opportunities to get involved with the People SIG both on and off the committee
  • Changing focus of the People SIG going forward including our own LinkedIn area
  • Engagement with the Corporate Members Leadership Group (CMLG)
  • International/Globalisation
  • Update on our research into Emotional Intelligence
  • And Finally...

Addition of the Stakeholder Engagement Focus Group into the People SIG family

The Stakeholder Engagement Focus Group (SEFG) within Thames Valley branch won funding from APM in 2014 to conduct research. After successfully delivering their research there was a need to move the group into a business as usual environment so that they could continue their fine work.

Their natural home is with ourselves, the People SIG, and so Ben Pinches (SEFG) and Russel Jamieson (People SIG) got together to pull together an outline business case for funding which we are delighted to say was recently accepted.

We therefore welcome them into our fold. Their outline plans are:

Title of proposed activity:
What do you want to do? Support the integration into business as usual of the Stakeholder Engagement Focus Group, which was originally funded through the APM research fund in 2014. The ongoing work to sit within the remit of the People SIG as agreed with their Chair, Russel Jamieson.
Why do you want to do it? What are the objectives? 1. Address the errors on the APM website and ensure that that the links on the Stakeholder page work correctly. Position as sub-pages of the People SIG pages. Links to the BoK need to be established, and the work needs to be accessible to non-APM members. An interactive element will ideally be designed and implemented, subject to available functionality within the new APM web site which is not yet known.
2. A communication needs to be produced by the SEFG explaining their work, promoting the research and letting APM members know how they can get involved. This will be distributed with other People SIG offerings.
3. The SEFG packaged ‘event’ will be promoted by the People SIG across the branches, and events scheduled for SEFG members to present at.
4. A joint evening event with the Strategic Planning Society, People SIG & Thames Valley branch needs to be finalised. This event will explore the importance of stakeholder identification in programme planning and risk management, Miles Shepherd to chair this.
5. A study period, of approximately 3 months (TBC), to assimilate additional research papers and appropriate material relating to practical models that can be used for stakeholder engagement by project managers.
6. THIS ITEM NOW ON HOLD AND WILL BE SUBJECT OF A SEPERATE PROPOSAL WHEN APPROPRIATE - A work pack to be put together for training providers to use, highlighting the importance of stakeholder engagement in programme management.
When do you want to do it? 1. Work to start in line with the completion of the new APM website and be completed within two months. Pages to be located as sub-pages under People SIG
2. Work to commence in March 2016 and last for two months.
3. From March 2016 through to April 2017.
4. Event to be held in June 2016, possibly as the People SIG AGM.
5. Study period to be within the 2016/17 financial calendar year.
Who is the target audience/customer? 1. P3M practitioners in and out of APM.
2. APM volunteers.
3. APM Branch and SIG Chairs.
4. Project and Programme practitioners in and out of APM. Members of the Strategic Planning Society.
5. APM for IP curation.
Customer benefit/needs: What customer need is the activity addressing?
And/or what is the benefit to APM?
1, 2 & 3. Lack of appreciation of the importance of stakeholder engagement in the management of projects and programmes, and lack of knowledge of available tools and methods, particularly new entrants.
4. Connection with appropriate voluntary society, with a view to possible future collaboration.
5. Development of IP curation and thought leadership for APM in the area of Stakeholder Engagement
What is the expected response? 1. An improved web presence for SEFG and error free, housed within the People SIG area.
2, 3. Increased knowledge of the work of the SEFG and visibility of importance of stakeholder engagement to the branch & SIG network as well as external areas to APM.
4. A successful event, achieving press attention because of Michael Ocock, MP, and the other published authors involved.
5. Additional research resource to add to the current list.
How do you see it working? Retained motivation and enthusiasm of focus group members. Increased collation of thinking and sharing from within and outside of APM.
How will the benefits be measured? Number of ‘hits’ on website (TBC).
Take up of event offering following mailing out.
Any events held score 4+ in feedback specifically on presentation.
At least 4 successful events held (feedback scores).
At least 10 additional research articles, tools and techniques added to the site throughout financial year.
What are the resource requirements? Self-resourcing other than for:
a) Website assistance
b) Event administration
Is this a one off activity or a regular activity if successful? Regular activity acting as business as usual within the People SIG 

AGM and Stakeholder Engagement event in Henley-on-Thames on Thursday 16th June

Our AGM is being held on Thursday 16th June at Badgemore Park Golf Club, Badgemore, Henley-on-Thames, Oxfordshire. RG9 4NR and will feature, for the main part of the evening, a session from members of the SEFG entitled ‘People Power Projects & Strategy - A Call to Action’. For full details of the event and to register please visit the events pages of the APM website.

We very much hope that you will be able to join us at this venue. Registration is from 6pm and the evening will close by 8:30pm.

Opportunities to get involved with the People SIG both on and off the committee

We are always looking to increase participation within the People SIG and are very grateful recently for the interest shown by around half a dozen folk in getting involved, in a variety of ways.

Given the upcoming AGM it is right to say that the committee could do with strengthening in terms of volunteer numbers. Being a volunteer member is not a hugely onerous or time-consuming role. We have committee audio calls every second month and meet face to face approximately 3 times a year, generally for half a day in Central London, though that is not set in concrete. Depending upon what other specific activities you get involved in we think budgeting between 3 and 5 hours per month would not be an unreasonable estimate.

However, some folks might like to become involved without this formality and that is absolutely fine. Later in this update you will see some of the initiatives either already underway, or shortly to be so. If you are interested in getting involved, then:

  • Send us an email telling us how you would like to get involved, but not on the committee, and we will come back to you

After the recent stepping down of our former social media lead, Ann Pilkington, to whom we express our grateful thanks for her time, professionalism and commitment, we are specifically looking for a new lead(s) to take us forward with Twitter, LinkedIn and other social media avenues – could that be you? Our thanks also go to PJ (Peter Johnson) for his service on our committee. Again, due to business restraints PJ is stepping down.

Changing focus of the People SIG going forward including our own LinkedIn area

Traditionally we have put on People SIG events, periodically, for the sake of filling up the calendar. However, following on form a recent strategic review of what we are doing as a SIG we are beginning a new journey whereby we are seeking to add a focus to the basics of being a SIG; specifically fostering thought leadership in the people aspects of projects. We will:

  • Create a specific LinkedIn group for People SIG members in which to raise and develop topics
  • Send out invitations to other SIG’s and branches to have representatives involved in order to foster collaboration
  • Hold workshop events to develop ‘hot topics’ and themes selected from the LinkedIn topics. Our current thought is that we hold 2 workshops a year
  • Hold an annual conference on a further refined list of the ‘hot topics’ featuring our own output as well as key note speakers and respected experts on the topics
  • Produce white papers, blogs etc. as output from the discussions, workshops and conference.

Our LinkedIn ‘pilot’ area is (interestingly) called P-Raptor. To find this:

  • Enter P-Raptor into the search bar Click on the magnifying glass
  • P-Raptor should now display as the only group viewable
  • Select P-Raptor
  • Request to join the group
  • Our administrator will approve your request and there you have it!

Engagement with the Corporate Memebers Leadership Group (CMLG)

We are delighted to have been chosen as one of a small number of SIG’s the CMLG have decided to seek collaboration with over the coming 12 months. They have created a sub-group focusing on People and to date we have had several audio calls and a half-day workshop with them leading to a presentation we made jointly, to emphasise the collaboration, to the main CMLG meeting in April.

Matters are still relatively embryonic but will be moving forward focused around:











If you are interested in finding out more, or getting involved, with these ‘soft skills’ then please email us and we will come back to you.

International / Globalisation

One other specific area we are addressing is International (or Globalisation). This stream is kindly being led by Adam Juniper. Our vision for this piece of research is being finalised and will be shared within P-Raptor so please keep your eyes peeled. Again, if you are interested in finding out more, or getting involved with this stream as you perhaps have practical experience, then please email us and we will come back to you.

Update on our research into Emotional Intelligence

This piece of research has been led for us by Eleri Evans, who now updates us as follows:

Look out for the EI and Behaviours Research Report which is scheduled to be published during June. We are currently putting the final touches to it and entering a round of review before the marketing teams add their magic to create the final product.
The motivation for this work was to support further awareness of emotions and behaviours in project management and we have looked at:

a) Patterns in Emotional Intelligence for the RPP research set
b) Patterns in the Project Manager Role benchmark
c) Patterns between a) and b)
And finally....

This will be my last update as I stand down as Chair of the SIG at the upcoming AGM. It is my intention to seek re-election to the committee and support the new Chair, when elected, so very much look forward to having the support of a few new faces to join me in that task.

It’s been emotional… Best Wishes
Russel Jamieson

Chair, APM People SIG
Contract: peoplesig@apm.org.uk

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