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In line with APMs mission to develop and promote the professional disciplines of project and programme management for the public benefit, the South Wales and West of England Branch is very excited and proud to announce the launch of its inaugural PM Challenge event where corporate project teams will compete against each other to develop and practice project management theory in a realistic project environment.
A very successful Launch Night was held in Bristol on 23 October 2014 (see attached slides) where the competition rules, objectives and process were discussed with all corporate attendees. Whilst noting that it is still possible for other corporate teams to join the competition, four teams were identified and are all fired up and ready to go! The teams come from AIRBUS, BRISTOL WATER, GENERAL DYNAMICS and the UNIVERSITY OF THE WEST OF ENGLAND.

The initial target for all teams will be to deliver a business case to the Project Board by 15 December 2014 that describes, amongst other things, the requirements, objectives, outputs and benefits of their chosen project. The next stage after the business case submission will be to implement the project by 27 March 2015, with a Final Report that describes how the project was actually delivered, against the original business case. The stellar event in the competition will be the Finals Night in Bristol on 16 April 2015 where all teams will deliver a presentation to the Project Board and the winner and runners-up will be selected. We will also provide another very important award that focuses on values and behaviours that has been very kindly sponsored by LLOYDS BANKING GROUP.

For further information please contact Bruce Phillips at or 07730283911. 

The presentation slides can be seen below.

Posted on 29th Oct 2014
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