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Projects and programmes: a sure-fire way to creating business value? 23rd June 2015

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Posted by APM on 3rd Nov 2015

The following is the executive briefing given by Phil Driver and Matt Williams at the APM Benefits Summit 2015 conference.

Dr Phil Driver facilitates multi-stakeholder strategy development, validation and implementation processes in New Zealand and the UK. He works in both the public and private sectors, especially in large-scale complex strategic environments where there are many stakeholders with diverse and often completing demands, projects and portfolios.

He is author of ‘Validating Strategies’ which provides the basis for his strategy workshops and Master classes in Germany, the UK and NZ. Phil holds degrees in science and engineering plus qualifications and extensive experience in organisational strategies, project management and company directing.

Phil’s presentation;

  • Demonstrated that “organisations run projects that produce results which people use to create benefits (PRUB).” Crucially, users create benefits: project managers do not ‘realise benefits’.
  • Fleshed out the Validating Strategies approach to strategy development (closely related to “portfolio development”) as a means of creating and validating strategies/portfolios which can be implemented with confidence that the users will generate the desired benefits.

Phil argues that “Australians and New Zealanders are pragmatic ‘get-on-with-it’ people who want to be clear about what they are doing (strategy) and to achieve the strategies’ goals (from project management through to what has been traditionally known as benefits realisation). Unfortunately there are often big disconnects between; strategy, project management, implementation; and benefits.”

As project managers, worldwide adopt Validating Strategies to bridge those gaps they will further increase the value which emerges from managed projects.

Phil is running a full day OpenStrategies master class on Monday 9th November 2015 in Epsom and Wednesday 11th November 2015 in Birmingham.

The audio recording.


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