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Proposed items for inclusion in the 1st draft review

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There are a number of generic questions that will be raised for those involved in the 1st draft review, as well as section specific items based upon comments raised during the initial consultation, and feedback from authors accompanying their drafts (e.g. proposed new terms, placement, naming of sections, other items to be incorporated, etc).

The generic questions are:

1. Do the drafts reflect good practice?

2. Are they pan-sector?

3. Does anything need to be added?

4. Does anything need to be amended?

5. Are there any other references that could be incorporated into the further reading?

6. Is the application of the topics to programmes appropriate?

7. Is the application of the topics to portfolios appropriate?

Having viewed the materials available, are there any additional key items you would like to be raised for discussion within the 1st draft review?


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