Registered Project Professional: What you need to know

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Following a survey of SWWE Branch members, there was a clear demand for an event to explain how to prepare for and apply for APM’s Registered Project Professional designation.

In response, this event was organised at BAWA, with 4 RPP Champions to answer questions about the RPP.  With 63 members attending, RPP is clearly of interest to project professionals across the SouthWest.

Peter Wakeling, who is an RPP Assessor, gave a presentation addressing 4 questions: What does RPP mean for me?; What do I need to know?; What do I need to do?; and How can I achieve success?

RPP is the standard for extraordinary project professionals, and is Chartered in all but name, and takes the project professionalism to a new level.

Peter explained the requirements and the emphasis placed on leadership and professionalism and ethics, along with 29 core competences. RPP candidates need to clearly demonstrate that they have led others in the successful delivery of complex projects.

Peter explained what APM meant buy the management of others, which included not only direct reports, but also senior management and stakeholders.  He also explained how APM defined a complex project and that it is not just about technical complexity.  The APM’s complexity questionnaire is available to assist potential candidates assess their own readiness for RPP.

Peter explained the two stage assessment process,  how the portfolio of evidence is assessed, and the format of the professional review together with the 10 minute presentation that is required.

He shared some of his personal learning points and emphasised the need for potential candidates to use the tools available on the APM web site to assess themselves to check is they are ready to apply.

Following Peter’s presentation, the members split into smaller groups to ask more detailed questions of the 4 RPP Champions: Peter Wakeling, Paul Johnson, Gary Mainwaring and Martin Gosden.

The presentation material is available on the APM website, together with a lot of supporting material, including candidate guidance, complexity questionnaire, RPP competences.  

The Branch RPP Champions are available to help and offer guidance, and can be contacted via:

Martin Gosden
Branch Chairman



Posted on 21st Nov 2014
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