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BS31100 is currently being revised by BSI Group and publiccomments are being invited via the BSI website.

This British Standard gives recommendations for implementing the principles and guidelines in BS ISO 31000:2009, including the risk management framework and process. It provides a basis for understanding, developing, implementing and maintaining proportionate and effective risk management throughout an organization, in order to enhance the organizations likelihood of achieving its objectives.

This British Standard is intended for use by anyone with responsibility for any of the following:

a) ensuring an organization achieves its objectives;

b) ensuring risksare proactively managed in specific areas or activities;

c) overseeing risk management in an organization;

d) providing assurance on the effectiveness of an organizations risk management; and/or

e) reporting to stakeholders, e.g. through disclosures in annual financial statements, corporate governance reports and corporate social responsibility reports.

To take part in the consultation please visit the BSI website here

Posted on 4th Feb 2011
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