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Richard Pound from Grahame Robb Associates gave an excellent talk to the APM Group in Norwich about how to influence change by identifying the behaviours that need to be altered in order for change to happen.

 The emphasis was on overcoming profound, persistent and resistant problems - something most project managers are very familiar with!  The focus was helping us realise that people's behaviour lies at the heart of all the problems we face as project managers - be it with users,  stakeholders, customers, suppliers or project team members. 

 Richard made the session very interactive so there was plenty of opportunity for people to explore problems they were facing and see what types of actions could help resolve them. Interspersed with video clips, both serious and humorous, Richard took us through how to identify the 'Vital Behaviours' (those few key positive behaviours that will help drive change), and gave us tips for understanding why the existing negative behaviours might prevail an important but often overlooked step in the problem solving process.

Once the Vital Behaviours are understood, the next part of the talk focused on how to influence people to do these behaviours, by looking at what motivates and enables people to behaviour in the way they do. These skills, combined with an understanding of the "six sources of influence" the key things that make us behave as we do - can result in a tenfold increase in your ability to influence and drive through changes.

Want to know more on how to 10X your influence?  click on the link below.

Posted on 29th Mar 2012
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