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RPP Assessor Update 24th January 2012

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Welcome back after the Christmas and New Year break.

We have several updates for the new year:  





BACS Forms


All Assessors and Verifiers should complete a BACS payment form - this is to ensure APM's Finance team has your current payment details and payment is not delayed. The form has been be added to THE ARTICLE "CENTRAL REPOSITORY FOR ALL RPP DOCUMENTS" Please print the form out to complete and post it back to Andrea.

If your bank details change it is your responsibility to keep APM informed.   


Portfolio Assessments and PA Reports

A new version of the Portfolio Assessment Report template is to be used from the 1st of February 2012 and is AVAILABLE IN THE "CENTRAL REPOSITORY FOR ALL RPP DOCUMENTS" The change to the Portfolio Assessment Report template is minimal; however, the implications are slightly more important:

A number of Professional Review assessors have commented that, when there is absolutely no feedback on a successful Portfolio Assessment Report, it makes it very difficult to decide what competences to investigate during the Professional Review. 


Therefore the comments section of the latest Portfolio Assessment Report has been split in two:  a section for unsuccessful candidates and a section for the Professional Review Assessors for successful candidates.  This doesnt make comments for the Professional Review assessors mandatory, but does encourage Portfolio Assessment assessors to do so.  The other reason for splitting the comments section is to avoid including comments about Professional Review or interview in candidates feedback when they are unsuccessful. 


Whichever section is used, the other should be deleted.  The notes in RED on the form have been changed slightly to indicate this change.  The new version of the report will be v2.5.  It is a Word 97 document, so should work for everyone. It is available in the CENTRAL REPOSITORY FOR ALL RPP DOCUMENTS" 


Some cases of feedback for unsuccessful Portfolio Assessment candidates have been unsatisfactory. Assessors must not make assumptions about the gender of the candidate: feedback must be neutral, and written in the third person.


No comments about spelling, punctuation, capitalisation, etc. should be made, even if meant in a supporting manner for the next submission.  Many of the spelling mistakes could be attributable to the fact that spell checking in the current application form template is turned off - this is being remedied.  Punctuation and capitalisation are very subjective, so please do not make comments to this effect.


Professional Reviews and PR Reports


Please remember to check the candidates photo ID at the Professional Review and note that candidates are no longer asked to present their qualification certificates for checking.


We have recently trialled the Lead Assessor typing up Professional Review reports for unsuccessful candidates.  When candidates are unsuccessful, an inordinate amount of Customer Services staff time has been consumed by trying to decipher poor handwriting which must be captured very quickly.  Electronic feedback will allow the Customer Services staff to copy and paste it into the candidates result letter verbatim, so getting it right first time becomes very important. Again, please use gender non-specific language and write in the third person.


During the trial in only a few instances did the assessors need to take the report away to complete and return it via e-mail the next day due to time constraints. The rules, coming out soon in the next update to the Professional Review Assessment Guidance is that Professional Review reports for ALL unsuccessful candidates will be prepared using a laptop and the appropriate template.  The template will be supplied by APM on a memory stick / emailed to the Lead Assessor and the completed report returned to APM within forty eight (48) hours. If materials used during the Professional Review, e.g. the preparation sheets, or written notes taken during the Professional Review need to be taken away, APM staff can make a copy or scan and e-mail them to the assessors involved. It will be the responsibility of the candidates Lead assessor to email the typed feedback back to APM Customer Services within 48 hours.


For this reason, when Andrea is confirming assessor attendance for a Professional Review, she will want to know whether you can bring your laptop.  If you cannot, APM will endeavour to supply a laptop for your use.


If you have any questions, dont hesitate to contact Andrea or John.


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