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RPP Assessor update 6th October 2011

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Posted by APM on 6th Oct 2011

RPP Assessor Update 

Candidate Numbers

A number of you are probably wondering whats going on?  Its been very quiet.  Well there has been some activity, but it has been limited.  In terms of RPP awarded as of the 5th of October we have an additional 101 RPPs.  Ninety two of those have been CPM RPP candidates.  In terms of regular candidates, we have had 9 successful at Professional Review so far.  Numbers of regular candidates are low, but building.  This is part of the reason many of you have not had any assessment work quite yet.

Assessor Assignments

Portfolio Assessments are being assigned to assessors on a rotational basis.  Each Assessor has been allocated to a verifier (see below) and Assessors from each verifiers group is being allocated portfolios on a rotating basis, based on assessor availability.  We assume you are available to carry out portfolio assessments unless you tell us otherwise.  That said, if you are going on holiday, or will be unable to carry out assessments for a period of time, you must notify us.  An assessment being delayed for any reason, particularly assessor unavailability is unfair to the candidate.

Professional Review assessor assignments are done the other way around.  Dates are set, then assessors  should let Andrea know if they would like to be considered for those dates.  From that list, assessors are selected based on annual commitments to APM, APMs commitment to assessors, the verification process, etc. Approximately 1 month before each set date, the selected assessors will be contacted to confirm the date. If you have not heard from APM by that time, please assume that you have not been selected on that occasion. We regret that we cannot get back to each assessor seperately every month.

Please note that 3 further RPP professional review dates have been set for the following days, to take place at Ibis House:

Wed 25th January 2012

Wed 29th February 2012

Tuesday 20th March 2012

There are no plans as yet for remote/off-site professional reviews but this may come up in the meantime depending on requirements.

Please contact Andrea at andrea.kallides@apm.org.uk if you wish to be considered for any of the above professional reveiw dates.

Assessors hard copy Folders

Andrea offers her apology for the delay in distributing hard copy folders.  The folders are here, and we have most of the documents, we just havent had time to fill the folders and distribute.  It is high on our list of things to do, but . . . .

Assessor Conference dates

The Assessor Conferences are set to take place at ETC venues, The Hatton, Farringdon, London on 16th November 2011 and 25th April 2012. (www.etcvenues.co.uk/venues/the-hatton)

Start time 9.30 for 10am, finish between 4 - 4.30pm. Maps and Agendas will be sent closer to the time. Assessors are contractually obliged to attend at least 1 event, but are welcome to attend both.

Please be aware that some preparatory work (elements of a portfolio assessment) will be sent prior to each of the events. All assessors should bring this pre-work along to the conference for discussion and training purposes this work will not be chargeable but reasonable travel expenses will be paid as usual.

To those Assessors who have not yet got back to Andrea with confirmation of which date/s they would like to attend, please contact her at andrea.kallides@apm.org.uk by 21st October 2011.  All assessors have a contractual obligation to attend one of these two sessions, but are of course invited to both. 

Assessor Availability

We have mentioned that candidate numbers have been low.  That is one reason that you may not have had any assessment work.  Another reason is that you may not have notified Andrea of your availability.  Please keep Andrea informed of your availability, without which may not be allocated any assessment work.

APM Web Site Assessor Closed Group

Andrea has regularly been posting informative articles in this closed group for you the assessors.  This is also the location of the most up-to-date versions of the guidance documents.  It has come to our intention that a number of Assessors have not been receiving the broadcast notifications from the web site informing you that new content has been posted this issue is being monitored. The e-mails come from noreply@apm.org.uk which are easily mistaken for junk mail.  Although the content of the e-mail itself indicates what new material has been posted, it is important to read the posting.  If it has been some time since you last received an e-mail or you have never received one, please check the closed group for the latest updates.  If you are having difficulty accessing the closed group, please contact Andrea or John for help.

RPP 6 Month Review

The RPP 6 Month review is underway.  If you have anything specific that you believe should be considered, please let us know as soon as possible.  The list of things to consider currently numbers about 80 items of widely varying size and importance.

Portfolio Assessment Verification Process

As all of you should be aware by now, weve implemented an assessment verification process.  Dr Brendan DCruz has been appointed RPP Lead Verifier, with Geraldine Duffy, Lara Taylorson, Dr Steve Simister and Paul Erricker appointed RPP Verifiers.  By now all of you should know which verifier has been allocated to you if not please refer to the list included in the update posted to the RPP Assessors closed group on 15th July 2011.  Your verifier becomes the first point of call for queries, assistance or second opinions concerning assessment.  We are currently working on documenting the Verification Process, and as soon as that has been completed, we will be sharing it with all of you.

As a part of the movement into BAU, it was decided that we must ensure consistency and robustness of assessments by having all portfolio assessments and professional reviews verified until the verifiers are happy with the quality of the assessments.  Generally each assessor is having three portfolio assessments verified to facilitate this process.  This is the reason that currently portfolio assessments are being assigned three at a time; to accelerate this process.  If anyone has questions, these can be addressed at the assessors meetings.  Verification of Professional Reviews is continuing as well.

As always, please contact john.zachar@apm.org.uk or andrea.kallides@apm.org.uk if you have any questions, or if you wish to log any issues with us.



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