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RPP Assessors update 22nd July 2011

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RPP Assessors & Verifiers,

Andrea and John are working hard behind the scenes to ensure the transition of RPP into business as usual (BAU) continues unabated.  One of our responsibilities is to make available all assessor / verifier guidance and forms through this group.  Weve just received from Marketing the first three documents specifically for Portfolio Assessments.  They can be downloaded from THE ARTICLE "CENTRAL REPOSITORY FOR ALL RPP DOCUMENTS"
The remaining documents about Initial Reviews, Professional Reviews and the RPP Verification Process will be uploaded as soon as they become available. 

Weve mentioned the Verification Process above, so perhaps a few words about it would be useful.  PS&K are working with Dr Brendan DCruz who is Lead Verifier, and our Verifiers, Geraldine Duffy, Paul Erricker, Steve Simister and Lara Taylorson to devise a process to ensure the RPP Standard and assessment process remain stable, robust and reliable.

Without for a moment suggesting any of you has forgotten how to do the assessments, we have devised the following process to get us all into RPP BAU mode.

  • All assessors have been allocated to a verifier.  This provides a fixed point of contact for all assessors when they have any queries about portfolio assessment.  Second opinions, queries about interpretations, etc. all go to your verifier.  Youve been told who your verifier is, and their contact details can be downloaded from THE ARTICLE "CENTRAL REPOSITORY FOR ALL RPP DOCUMENTS"

All assessors initial three portfolio assessments will be verified.  This is to help your verifier get to know you, you to get to know your verifier and of course ensure everyone is operating at the correct level.  Once your verifier is confident you are operating at the right level, then verifications will drop to a 10% sample.
If you are contacted by your verifier regarding a portfolio assessment report, once you have agreed any changes that need to be made, you as the assessor will be expected to revise and resubmit your portfolio report to APM at


  • A similar process is in place for Professional Reviews; most will be observed / verified for the next few months as we want to ensure everyone is operating at the right standard and using the right processes as well.  This will continue until the Verifiers are confident the assessor pool is performing as you have all been trained to do.
    A six month review is to be conducted during September.  Anyone who has anything that they believe should be considered as a part of the review, please notify John or Andrea.  Similarly risks, issues, persistent problems or niggles should also be passed to us so that they can be included on our risk and issues log.

In other news:

If you havent yet contacted Andrea about your availability for Professional Reviews dates for September, October, November and December 2011, please do so as soon as you can. Allocation of assessors to Professional Review dates will be done about four weeks prior to the scheduled date - if you havent heard from Andrea by then, please assume that you have not been selected on that occasion.

Please also keep Andrea up to date if you are not able to accept Portfolio Assessments (or carry out Verifications) for a period, so that we can keep the turn-around time as short as possible for candidates. 

Last but not least for this update, we are starting to plan the next Assessor meetings in London for November 2011 and April 2012. Exact dates and venues will be released in due course. Please be reminded that Assessors are expected to attend at least one Assessor meeting a year, but are welcome to attend both.  


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