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Salary and Market Trends Survey 2017

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Posted by Kirsten on 14th Mar 2017

APM has launched its Salary and Market Trends Survey 2017, in collaboration with Wellingtone, and is calling on members of the project profession to share their views. 

Powered by YouGov, the survey aims to gauge just how confident we are as a profession by exploring:

  • What role Brexit will play in our profession?
  • Whether the skills we need are changing?
  • Is the demand placed on our profession growing?

The survey is now in its third year running and has been built on findings from the 2016 Salary and Market Trends Survey, which received nearly 5,000 responses from industry, providing insight into trends and vital data that is key to successful forward planning for the industry.

This year the survey was powered by YouGov one of the UK’s largest market research organisations and an authoritative measure of public opinion and consumer behaviour.

This survey has now closed. Thank you for your input. Keep an eye out for the key findings!


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