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Spark Collaboration - a tool to help you collaborate with other change practitioners, Enabling Change SIG May newsletter 2016

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Posted by APM on 4th May 2016

4. Spark Collaboration - a tool to help you collaborate with other change practitioners - Elisabeth Goodman

The pilot for this change management community has only a couple more months to run.  If you have participated in this community I would be really interested to hear any anecdotal feedback on your experience, good or bad.

Here are quotes from two Spark participants:

“The Spark initiative has been useful and interesting from my perspective. The only problem has been in protecting the time for a reasonable [conversation whilst working] against tight deadlines. Often this has been true for both of us.  The people I have spoken to have been open, frank and interested, without exception offering further discussion or support as needed.”

“I have enjoyed the meet-ups that I have had, either by phone or in person, and they have been successful / professionally useful, including one potential recruit for [the Enabling Change SIG’s] Utilities Practitioner Group! I like the idea of an on-line World Caf.  Spark is a great way to meet people who you may not come across through your day to day activities or current network.”

If you have not yet participated in our Spark Collaboration community and would like to give it a try, you can still do so.  Please follow this link to sign up and get started.

Please also feel free to contact Elisabeth Goodman if you have any further questions.

Elisabeth Goodman


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