Sustainability in project management

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APM is committed to supporting and encouraging sustainability considerations and applications in the management of projects, programmes and portfolios, in APM's own activities and also in related academic studies, training and events.

As part of this commitment, in addition to including sustainability in the upcoming revision of the APM Body of Knowledge, a new online sustainability group has been launched entitled ‘Sustainability in project management’
Currently the group is a growing, informal, virtual gathering to provide, develop, exchange and share sustainability ideas, opinions and information within the PPPM community as APM members and with other interested parties.

The interests of the group are:
  • from the smallest projects to mega programmes
  • in public, private and community sectors
  • for specific environmental projects
  • for all projects with their environmental features and opportunities including green procedures and administration
  • within the triple bottom line of environmental, social and financial considerations.
At present it is not proposed to adopt a designated APM SIG status, constitution and approach - although this will be kept under review.
Managers of projects and team members have significant and serious responsibilities related to sustainability, the environment and green issues so this is not a minority activity or interest. The website can be accessed here and it is hoped everyone will find it useful and wish to contribute.
Posted on 25th Jul 2011
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