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The Enabling Change SIG reaches out

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Posted by APM on 24th Mar 2014

When the opportunity came along to promote the recently established Enabling Change SIG, it was with some trepidation that Martin Taylor and I presented at the APM Volunteers Forum on the 15th March.

As with all good change management engagements, one of the basic needs is to understand the context for change and the stakeholders with whom you are to engage. We were confident about the context as all project & programme management professionals are aware of the need to manage increasingly demanding change - no opposition expected there! However, we were respectful that some APM members may be wary and uncertain of the nature and scope of the SIG objectives. So it was a relief to see that approximately half of the event attendees opted to participate in our community session - thus allaying my fear of presenting to an empty room!

More from serendipity than anything else our presentation was preceded by Steve Wakes session on APMs Listen, Learning and Leading initiative. This provided a timely segue to our presentation as Steves messages resonated well with the Enabling Change SIGs desire to engage with the APM branch and SIG communities.

The prime objective of our community session was to invite participants to discuss and report to us their thoughts on how the Enabling Change SIG can best work with their APM colleagues. To this end the lions share of our session was taken up by an interactive session which sought to gain answers to the following question:

1. How could the Enabling Change SIG help branch or SIG members achieve their goals?

2. How could your branch or SIG contribute to the success of the Enabling Change SIG?

3. What Change Management challenges do you face in your work?

The delegates divided into several groups and spent approximately 20 minutes discussing and recording their thoughts before presenting their results to the rest of the room. The findings of each group were recorded on flip chart paper:

and retrieved at the end of the session for analysis by SIG personnel. A report on our findings will be made available in due course.

Keen to engage with Branches and SIGs alike we look forward to having the opportunity to support APM community events. We are also looking forward to staging our own and welcome participation by Branches and SIGs at these. We are holding our first event jointly with the East of England Branch on 3rd June 2014; during this event, which incorporates our inaugural AGM, we will be formally electing the Enabling Change SIGs Committee for 2014-15. A joint event has also been confirmed with the South West Branch for the 17th June 2014.

The Enabling Change SIG committee are under no illusion that it will take time to establish our credentials and be recognised for the service we can provide the APM volunteer community and the members it supports. However, we feel that we have made a good start and anticipate a worthy and rewarding future for us all.

We want to increase our membership so if you would like to learn more about our planned activities and get closer to what we do please visit our site. For APMs perspective on the event please see the article written by David West.

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