The impact of web 2.0 on project managers

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On the 27th March 2009 at London Rail in London, the People SIG ran one of its ongoing workshops which are free to APM members. This workshop explored the impact Web 2.0 has had, and will have on the project manager what they do, how they do it and what they are valued for. It was facilitated by Andrew Wilcox of Cabre, an expert in Web 2.0. The workshop ran from 9.30am to 12.30pm. The Web 2.0 workshop was seeded with a series of presentations showcasing the latest aspects of Web 2.0 which included:

Social networking

Blogging, Twitter and the like

Online collaboration: Google Docs, Windows Live, Wiki

Information capture and presentation

Pod and Videocasts et al

Voice and Video over IP

Mind Mapping and other Visualisation Software

Portable Devices: NetPCs, Blackberry, WiFi IP Video, Tablet PCs

New Web 2.0 technologies are constantly appearing as the Internet continues to evolve. What distinguishes them from previous technologies is the high degree of participation they require to be effective. Since a project manager is primarily focused on creating participation in projects, it is important that they understand and know how to harness the power of these technologies. The session was both enlightening and challenging.

There were then a series of interactive sessions to explore attendees views on the impact that these technologies will have on the project manager. The output was compiled on a website and can be viewedhere.

Posted on 29th Jul 2010
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