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The PMOSIG Program Management Office Handbook

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November 2010has seen the publication worldwide of the PMIs PMOSIG Handbook. Edited by Craig Letavec and Dennis Bolles it is fully up to date and with 20 expert contributors it covers a lot of ground. Mark Price Perry, who is the author of another book I rate highly (Businesss Driven PMO Setup) says......

This handbook is a tapestry of PMO domain knowledge, perspectives, and thought leadership. PMOs of al shapes and sizes can benefit from this valuable reference.

The first thing that strikes me for such an up to date text is the complete lack of mention of P3O, much less PRINCE2, MSP et al. It does have contributors from all over the world, although it doesnt say exactly where they operate from. As an edited book rather than a monograph it reflects the particular experience of the authors and therefore the omission is more understandable.

It also suffers from what the whole field suffers: we are not talking about the same things when we talk about PMOs. The variety of implementation of the concept is so great that you have to be really careful when looking at examples and case studies not to assume that the setting is something you would recognise. And unfortunately, the business setting, the environment of a PMO is all important and pretty much determines its success.

Despite those quibbles it is certainly a book worth reading. Given its structure, it is perfectly suited to dip in and out, picking the topics that may be more pressing to you in your PMO at the moment. It doesnt pretend to be complete, but what it talks about is sound an packed with pragmatic suggestions and latest thinking.

It is interesting to note that the PMIs PMOSIG is about the same age as our own PMOSIG. Id like to think that with the help of our members we will soon be ready to provide our own knowledge base for public consumption, in some format.

Perhaps there will be an opportunity to review this book in context later. Id be very interested to know what others who may be reading it think about it.

Key Features publishers notes
Provides practical strategies, methods, insights, case studies, and thought leadership to serve the needs of public and private sector organizations of any size
Presents best practices for successfully aligning PMOs to business strategies and objectives and for delivering planned benefits
Supplies project, program, and portfolio practitioners with numerous proven tools, techniques, and processes for successfully developing, managing, and sustaining a PMO and expanding its scope of services
Offers a collection of easy-to-adapt templates for PMO leaders, including resources to support, establish, and enhance the PMO available form the Web Added Value (TM) Download Resource Center at


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