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David Hart & Jane Royden from E&H Project and Programme management specialists gave an appropriately graphical presentation on the topic of Visual Management, really demonstrating in their own presentation the basis of their presentation.   

From the good old white board and post-it notes to Gantt charts the presentation covered Planar and Retinal variables and how these can be utilised together to effectively relay a world of information, data patterns, and the benefits that good visualisation can bring to the project team. 

The presentation really did what it said on the tin and showed just how much visual tools can do for projects and how quick and easy it is to interpret visual information.  Away from the actual appearance and ease of interpreting the information, visual tools can allow the whole team to build a plan together, empowering team members to take responsibility.

For a free trial of the software

David and Jane have kindly made their presentation material available for viewing:

Posted on 31st Jul 2015
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