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Why social media makes sense in project management

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Posted by APM on 27th Jun 2014

I learned a very valuable lesson at the branch event last week, presented by Jonnie Jenson; if I am going to continue to have a successful career as a project manager over the next 25-30 years of working life that I still have ahead of me, then I am going to have to learn the language of the next generation. 

For someone brought up in the computerless austerity of the late 70’s where tying a piece of string between two empty beans cans was an exciting form of modern technology, the language and speed of communication of the "Facebook and Twitter" generation is bewildering. 

However, Jonnie made the subject relevant by introducing some excellent tools that could help project managers work more effectively and efficiently in the remote and multi-site teams that we work in today (see his presentation for more details). If we are going to play our part in the evolving future then we need to learn to make social media work for us. I just need to find a teenager to show me how to use it!

Jonnie Jenson’s presentation gave compelling reasons for using social media in project management. His examples for the use of personal communication tools such as Twitter and Facebook for networking, promoting and engaging people and business delivery tools such as Project Place for effective information sharing for multi-site project teams was thought provoking and challenging.

I realised that I needed prodding out of my comfort zone and whilst I approached joining Twitter in the manner or someone going to the dentist, I did find some really interesting information and useful links to sites that I wasn’t previously aware of.

In contrast, I was instantly sold on the benefits of Project Place to solve the frustrations of the lack of shared network space that I currently experience. I have already forwarded the link to colleagues! 

If to be a successful project manager in an increasingly virtual world means embracing the social media tools to achieve it, then Jonnie’s presentation provides the signpost needed to get there. 

Jo Wilkinson
Committee member, Yorkshire and North Lincolnshire branch

Jonnie's presentation slides can be viewed below:

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