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Posted by APM on 27th Feb 2013

The APM Contracts and Procurement Specific Interest Group (SIG) have announced a significant piece of new research targeting current issues and concerns in the area of winning new business.

SIG chair Dr Jon Broome said: Bid management winning profitable business is at the heart of every successful commercial organisation and therefore at the heart of every successful commercially delivered project.

Yet it is surprising how little accepted good practice is put into practice. Our research aims to establish a baseline for understanding bid management in the UK. More broadly, we want this initiative to build and promote best practice to help individuals succeed in winning business and the UK project management profession to achieve world class results.

The research, with the support of Thales Corporate UK, will provide the basis for a forum to learn, share and contribute to the development of good practice to increase success rates in winning new business.

Dr Broome added: Were looking to talk to everyone from professional bid managers, who are tendering for multi-million pound contracts to individual consultants wanting to improve their strike rate when tendering for work.

The research aims to look into not just winning bids, but targeting the right contracts and winning them profitably. This addresses a common problem of winning work through under pricing or over promising.

The process of selecting the right tenders, planning and executing bids is a project in itself, but we often see that the project management doesnt start until well after the contract is signed.

By that point, it can often be too late and the company who has committed to it will struggle to benefit. Its about winning the business right and winning the right business, Dr Broome said.

The pan-sector initiative aims to cater for all areas of the bid management process from individuals wanting to write persuasive proposals to win work, to major organisations bidding for multi-million or even billion-pound contracts.

Complete the survey research here.

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